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A Second Visit

We did return and our only disappointment was that we were only there for a week!As beautiful a location as before, the website pictures are really as it is but with the added tranquility and panoramic views. It was lovely to meet Francisco again with his newly found dog Bobby who was also a delight.

Again Francisco looked after us wonderfully, taking us to several towns to sort out printing of Ryan Air boarding passes and kindly sending back our sons case that he (me!) forgot. We ate at the house most evenings but Francisco provided us with the location of a fabulous restaurant nearby. We had plenty of hand picked and juiced oranges thanks to my daughter and my son found a shed snakes skin which was his highlight! A thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable time. Would we go back again? Without a doubt, it is a gem.

Thank you Francisco, for your kind hospitality and lovely house.

With kind regards,

Dominic, Wendy, Emily and Darren