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The Perfect Relaxing Location

This is a fabulous location, set high up in the hills. From different viewpoints around the property, and at different times of day and night the view changes. We loved lounging by the pool, listening to the bird song and also watching the sun go down, with all the lights twinkling along the valley.

As others have said, the owner's perfect hospitality made us feel so much at home in his home. The farmhouse is full of character, and also so well equipped with all mod-cons, how lovely to go home with clean laundry for a change! We loved the fresh oranges and figs, breakfast will not be the same again.

We visited some beautiful local towns, Amarante and Regua by car, taking a boat trip on the Douro at the latter, and then the train down to Pinhao, where the railway station has the most wonderful tiles. There we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the waterside.

Our favourite place to eat was in the small town of Baioa, where we were shown the steak before it was cooked to perfection, served with salad and washed down with some amazing local vino tinto. We have also got used to a small white port with tonic as an aperitif before dinner. We could certainly get used to this life!

So, we would recommend this property wholeheartedly for complete relaxation, amazing views and hospitality. We sincerely hope that we can return again soon.

Hilary and Keith